Saturday, July 7, 2007


Hi all,
We took a bus to Ha Long bay and went aboard a Hotel boat for the night,
we drank lots of beer and Mark challenged Son our guide to a drinking contest..

it was pretty cool..

i will post with details on our boating adventure later on with Roxi by my side..

before we left..
Elle, Mark, Rox and myself went to the Czech Beer restaurant and had dinner where we met some Wealthy Vietnamese business men.. they were crazy drunk and the woman could drink heaps....
They drank 2 bottles of Rice Vodka and they were mixing it with some stout and shotting it..

We ended up staying there with them drinking beer(or bia) and there wierd drink till about 12 or so..

they got photos with us aswell i will post them soon when i get my usb cable back from elle and paul.

There was a chance we werent going to Ha Long Bay because of typhoon and the Drunkards King(company director)was trying to convince mark to stay and visit his office and drink beer with them.

my food just got delivered.. I will return with roxi and boat stories...

Roxi and I just bought 2 silk sheets for $3.5 each.. horay..

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