Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Well we made it. Sitting now at our uh fantastic...? hotel in Hanoi. IT'S SO EFFING HOT! And everything on this computer is in Vietnamese :S

But yes, the plane trips where mundane, no real turbulence or anything. I think the most exciting part was seeing the officers at Singapore airport with machine guns. And they had travellators everywhere for the lazy amongst us, very jetsons style. Daniel's had about 20 mins sleep since we left.

It's very different over here. Who would've thought? Everyone is trying to sell you something, and they're incredibly persistent about it! But it's cheap if you barter well. Anyway, just a quick update, cos we're about to go and get dinner. You'll get some photos soon.

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Kris&Chloe said...

No Turbulence? Stupid Airplane -shakesfist-

Glad you guys are having fun.

'If sacrificing coconuts to the island sounds like fun, you need to get out more.' (-ahem- something kris told me to write, that he read in a computer magazine on the toilet)