Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well chaps it's been a while between posts. Blame it on our laziness if you will, we prefer blaming bad internet on our end. Today we found our way to a internet cafe so, here we are.

So last you heard from us we had made it up to Halong Bay, after first thinking we wouldn't due to a typhoon a couple days earlier. But the weather was absolutely perfect by the time we got there, and allowed us to go explore some massive caves.

We also went for a swim in the water which was very, very warm, and extra salty. We played catch with a beer can and some kids tried to sell us shells..

After Halong Bay we caught a bus back to Hanoi, were we stayed a few short hours before boarding our train, in the oh-so-wonderful first class. Daniel got drunk with some locals and ended up covered in piss, mmm pisss. There were mice and probably all sorts of other nasties on the train and Mark passed out in the corridor.

When we finally got to Hue we made our way to the hotel where we found a geeko, and Roxi was incredibly excited, but since then there have been geekos EVERYWHERE.

We visited a buddhist Pagoda, and the a Kings Tomb, travelling by Dragonboat. We bumped into the water police, literally, which was a little amusing. Later that night we went toan italian restaurant where Roxi gave in and ate pizza, but Daniel stuck to Vietnamese (although he did have a hamburger for breakfast!) The next day we went to the beach and to this graveyard with massive, massive tombs, bigger than some houses. At the beach, the water was really warm once again, and the group made friends with some local fishermen.

We went to this bar called Brown Eyes both nights which was really nice, and drank heaps of cocktails and vietnamese vodka. Roxi got retardedly drunk and paid for it all the next day when we travelled again by bus down to our current location Hoi An, city of tailors! Which brings us to our next wonderful news.

We are getting boots made, HOORAY! Daniel's replacing his disintegrated lazy docs with some boots basically the same, but with red leather inside, and red stitching. They shall be HAWT. They also have a waaaaay better sole, like a trekking type sole thing. Roxi is finally getting some black knee high boots with buckles on them. Both are double leather, made to measure, and only costing us 2million dong. In US Daniel's are $65, Roxi's $60.

Speaking of which, EVERYTHING IS COUNTED IN US DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell?

There arn't very many american tourists, something to do with some war or something a few years back, but half the things we've bought have been asked for in US dollars. Mark tried to buy something with Vietnamese dong but they wouldn't let him unless he had US.

Yesterday we decided to do our own thing and hired bikes. We rode down to an indian restaurant, where we had some yummy vietnamese style indian food and then on to the beach.
We were rapt cos we found "same, same, but different" shirts, which is very popular saying over here. Last night we had cooking lessons and know how to make spring rolls now! Amongst other things.

Anyway it's getting really hot, so we're going back to swim in the pool at the hotel. Have a squiz at the photos we've finally put up....

The cliffs at Halong Bay.

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Another Halong Bay shot.

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Rice women of the apocolypse.

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Outer city living.

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Typical powerpole.

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Dusk at Halong Bay.

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Old Vietnamese Building.

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Elaborate Grave.

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Vietnamese Family.

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That's all for now folks.


Kris&Chloe said...

Wicked Pictures! It looks really beautiful over there.

Way to get covered in piss, Dan.
Though i'm not entirely sure how you managed it.

Everything is fine at the house. Except Lottie's got cabin fever. And she keeps looking for the ferrets (she can smell them).

Take Care guys.


chalk said...

yeh nice photos, but whats with the super tallness? And Why do they take me to stupid photobucket when i click on them??