Wednesday, July 4, 2007


today we woke up at like 5am with my mum(linda) knocking on our then door at the amazing ** star hotel fortuan hotel telling us breakfast was at 7:00 and i went back to sleep anyway breakfast was prety good, i had the pho soup which is exactly the same as what you get at vietnamese soup restauranty places in melbourne.. but still really good.. we then sat around till 11:30 for our taxi to our next hotel which is bliss compared to our previous one.. we have air con that works and a bathroom that doesnt smell like the street urine ...

roxi and i went on an exciting taxi ride tonight we went to a restaurant and when we had our amazing sesame pork we must have tripped out or something coz it was fucking awesome.. but we didnt pay attention to where the taxi was going and he went the wrong way twice and i kept telling him.. "you go wrong way we don't pay" and hes like yeah that tyhe right way.. anyway we ended paying stupidly low price for the screw up for a trip that in melbourne would have cost us $20 and we paid 15000 dong or 1.10c.. it was good.. he was small..!!

thats all as roxi has dominion


it's very pleasant here in this new hotel, much better than our windowless stinky box from last night. yesterday we stayed in the old quarter, which was good for buying whatever crap you feel like, but its also good here, bit quieter.

we're living off lychees as snacks.
ima gonna eat one now.
we get a kilo for about 80c, and that's without bartering.

last night we ate at a pretty cool place, met a local named Tye who worked there, Mark, Elle's fiance smoked a traditional tobacco bong thing that whistled and was pretty amusing.

met our group and guide tonight, we start our tour in the wee hours tomorrow morning.

they're turning off lights aroudn us so we should probably go to bed.
computer won't post photos but soon soon!


chalk said...

Yay for lychees! You look after my Paul, ok? Don't let him feel left out or lonely or bored ... and on tuesday's he likes a nice banana milkshake and give him a little coconut milk before he goes to bed ... he likes that too.

Pauk said...

Thanks Bec.