Thursday, July 5, 2007

Uncle Ho has really good air con..

seriously the air conditioning in his tomb is icy...

going from almost 40 degrees to a shaded tomb with aircon in the low teens is freaky.. im suprised the sweat didnt freeze.. ok so maybe not so much..

we ate at a place called Koto which is like that 15 or 13 restaurant..

basically they get street kids and people with not much and teach them hospitality stuff and charge lots.. it was the most expensive meal iv had.. it cost 65,000 for my meal and 35,000 for a lassie.. thats just crazy!!

but hey.. im bored now i should go back up stairs.. i will definately probably maybe write a proper post that actually states what we have done.... anyway.. at 5:30 or so we are going to a water puppet show which will be different.. dunno how much i will enjoy it but i cant wait till dinner.....

mmmm.. dinner..

oh yeah...the local beer here is really good.. ho hoi an or something .. or maybe its ho hanoi .. i cant remmeber but that Tye guy who thought my name was funny coz he thinks its girllie said that its really good in that its all preservative free and such...

time to leave you..

one more thing.. just so that Dandy and Kris are jealous.. the beer is really cheap..

for a longneck size thingy of either Tiger(another locallish brew) or the hoi an hanoi(i cant remember)
it costs around 15000+ depending on where.. which is like $1.15 or so.. and if you barter you could probably get it for like 12000 if you tried.. but beer is pretty much set unless you buy it on the street..


dandy said...

Hey you lucky bastards and your cheap good beer dammit bah here i am stuck here at work till midnight and your drinking $1 longnecks i have never envied you so much damm you and your cheap beer have at the water puppet show(lol wtf?)

Kris&Chloe said...

Curse you and your cheap beer!!!
Glad you guys are having fun though.

What the hell is a water puppet show?
Take pictures! It sounds entertaining.

From The Patch said...

great to see that you are having a good time.

it's 40 degrees here as well, unfortunately thats 40 fahrenheit.

the ferrets are very active and Oscar got put in the time out box today, (Saturday)naughty little bugger.

cheers Mum & Dad

From The Patch said...

hey Mum, grandma told me off for biting Jaffa and put me in the box for an hour or so. they keep laughing at Shookie for doing her famous jumps. gee Jaffa gets the "treatment" queen suite and everything. when are you gunna come home. i miss ya luv Oscar

daxx said...


Good to hear the ferrets are being themselves and not missing us a bit!

See you soon.