Saturday, July 14, 2007


Our shoes are awesome!! They fit like gloves, except on our feet. They put funny soles on Daniels but his are great apart from that.

We're in Nha Trang now, after a train ride from Hoi An the other night. Our hotel is very nice looking, but the people are cold. And we keep being woken up by chinese tourists screaming around in the morning! Oh and the first night we were here we saw a chinese milf!

But other than that Nha Trang is pretty cool. Very touristy area. Pretty beaches. Yesterday we caught a boat and visited a fishing village, then went snorkelling, or in roxi's case discovered that the concept of breathing underwater didn't work for her. Then we went to a beach and went.. .. PARASAILING!!!!

Twas so much fun, took a lot of convincing for Rox to go up but Daniel managed to convince her. We also got a full body massage for less than $5 on the beachside. Score.

Anyway just a quick update. Off to see some historic things, then to mud baths today before we head down to Ho Chi Minh/Saigon.

THis keyboard keeps inserting random spaces. Curse you rotten keyboard.

See you soon.


Mat said...

hey guys sounds like your having a wicked time,i am slaving away at work feeling very seedy bloody sunday just wasting time ,i hate you and your fun holiday looks super rad makes want to go over there

From The Patch said...

Looks like you're having a great time. fantastic photo's but none with any of you guys in them! snowed in the hills Tuesday night 6inches at Olinda.slightly different to your weather.Shookie is a real character and Oscar is trying to assert his dominance.