Thursday, July 19, 2007

315, 302, 201

Last night here in Vietnam.

Since we last posted we went to the mud baths which was pretty interesting... good, though hot. Daniel wore a pair of roxi's boxers and they didn't leave too much to the imagination.

Not too much else interesting happened in Nha Trang really, we went to an awesome indian restaurant at one stage though which was yum-o.

But then on to Saigon/Ho Chi Minh. Not quite as crazy as we thought it might be. First day we did a cyclo tour around the city and checked out the Ben Thanh market.

Next day we traipsed on down to the Mekong delta, went on another boat, got dragged on carts by ponies, ate coconut candy and did the hokey pokey and turned around. After that we went up to the Cu Chi tunnels, an interesting insight into how the vietnamese fought the war. We were oh so fortunate to crawl about through one, and I'll tell you what, it's rather cosy and dark down there.

This day was the conclusion of our intrepid tour so we went out to dinner at a local restaurant. We ate a crispy, black, scorpion. It tasted like soot and poo. if we actually got some meat such as leg it isnt that bad but the body literally tasted like arse and cigarettes. Roxi has eaten so much beef, and seafood, i think she's somewhat converted.

So last two days been doing all of not much, running around trying to find trinkets and lovelies for peeps. We've been going to a cafe that's been open for like 5 days, and has this tiny little puppy that has been our substitute ferret, we miss our babies! :( There's a japanese bartender there who is the asian version of Nick (kims boyfriend) Weird....

We leave you now to go watch night of the living dead and we'll be back in sunny melbourne in a day.

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